Writer. Filmmaker. Speaker. Storyteller. Millennial.
An inspiring look at what the millennial generation is doing in America...Burstein's interviews and firsthand accounts bring to light these young people, and readers will gain a deeper appreciation and awareness of the rapid progress and changes that have occurred worldwide since the advent of the Internet. Stimulating accounts of what is being accomplished by an ambitious generation.

Kirkus Reviews

With careful research and thoughtful observation, David Burstein holds a mirror up to his own generation and tries to help all of us better understand who they are, what matters to them, and how they may shape the future. Everyone who is fascinated by Millennials – and how can we not be? -- will learn something from this book.
Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent, PBS NewsHour
We are leaving the young with an unacceptable future: ballooning debts, unthinkable tax increases, historically slow growth, an economy vulnerable to crises, and a paralyzed politics. Up to now, the involvement of the young has been a combination of ignorance and apathy. I was delighted to read FAST FUTURE, a book with such a hopeful outlook.

Pete Peterson, Former Secretary of Commerce & Co-Founder, The Blackstone Group

FAST FUTURE is an incisive look at the generation that elected Barack Obama and is changing the way we do everything. David Burstein has written a must read book about the most individually empowered generation in history – his own.

Howard Dean, Former Governor of Vermont

David Burstein is living proof of why the Millennial Generation is so promising. Like other Millennials, Burstein is idealistic yet pragmatic, globally minded, and determined. In FAST FUTURE, Burstein pulls from his own experiences and observations to depict a generation well suited to tackle the seemingly insurmountable challenges before us.FAST FUTURE is at least as much a telling of the generation’s story as it is a declaration of its potential.

David Gergen, CNN Senior Political Analyst & Professor of Public Service and Director of the Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School of Government